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Background, Related links
Instructional Design & Teaching Theory
Web-based Instruction: Design & Evaluation
Web Graphics

Tutorial Examples

Intro to the Library
Information Literacy, Overall Research Process
Library Catalogues
Lists of Links
Specific Databases


UCLA Library's Information Competencies Survey
Cal Poly Pomona University Library: Information Competence Assessment Project
   Cal Poly Pomona University Library: Information Competency Assessment
UC Berkeley Library: Teaching Library Information Literacy Survey

Background, Related Links

ACRL: Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
The Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates in the Research University: Reinventing Undergraduate Education
CSU Information Competence Project: IC Sites on the Web
Jennifer Robinson and Mary Ann Mavrinac: Setting your (web) sites on success - the n-generation of libraries
LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction
McMaster University Academic Plan
SUNY Info. Lit. Initiative: Web-based Course Task Force: Final Report
WILU 2000

Instructional Design & Teaching Theory

D. Scott Brandt (a.k.a. techman): Technology Training Help WebSites
Idaho Consortium for Educational Technology (Guides to Effective Practice; Links & Resources;Tutorials)
   Idaho Consortium for Educational Technology: General Principles of Instructional Design
Major Categories in the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Bloom 1956)
Michael J. Collins & Associates: Training Professional's Gateway




James Hom: The Usability Methods Toolbox
Keith Instone: Usable Web
Jakob Nielsen: useit.com (Usable Information Technology)
   Jakob Nielsen: How Users Read on the Web
   Jakob Nielsen: How to Write for the Web (Full Paper)
   Jakob Nielsen: Microcontent: How to Write Headlines, Page Titles, and Subject Lines

Web Based Instruction: Design and Evaluation

ACRL Instruction Section Teaching Methods Committee: Tips for Developing Effective Web-Based Library Instruction
Nathan Wallace: Web Writing for Many Interest Levels
Good Documents: Techniques
Harold Henke: Evaluating Web-Based Instruction Design
Carolyn Kotlas, UNC Chapel Hill: Evaluating Web Sites for Educational Uses: Bibliography and Checklist
Rita Barsun, Walden U: Interactive Tutorials: Bibliography/Webliography
Web-Based Training Information Center: The Development Process
   Web-Based Training Information Center: Rules for Good WBT Design
Break the Barriers to Web Based Training: Links and Resources

Web Graphics

Graphics Formats Explained

Tutorial - Examples

Intro to the Library

Houston Community College System: Quick Introduction to the Library

Information Literacy, Overall Research Process

Boston College FWS: Step-by-Step Guide to Doing Research
California State: Information Competence Tutorials
George Mason U: Library Web Tutorial
Grand Valley State: Library Research Skills Tutorial (PowerPoint + hypertext)
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia: Library Research Tutorial
Monash U: How to...
NC State U: LOBO (Library Online Basic Orientation)
Purdue: CORE (WebCT)
U Arizona: RIO (Research Instruction Online)
U Dayton: FLYERS (For Learning Your Essential Research Skills) - Web Player needed
U Texas at Austin: TILT - Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
Villanova U: Quest Tutorial (lib. research; fill-in-the-blanks)
Washington State: WSU Library Tutorial


Hong Kong U of Sci & Tech: Advanced Web Workshop for Humanities Research
Integrated Management Resources Inc: Internet Training and Research Links
Monash U: How to do research on the Internet
Northern Webs: Beginners' Central, a Users Guide to the Internet
Ohio State U.: net.TUTOR
U Kansas: Searching the Web
UC Berkeley: Finding Information on the Internet: A TUTORIAL
   UC Berkeley: How to Choose the Search Tools or Databases You Need for Web Searching. Recommended search engines
   UC Berkeley: Internet Guides: The Teaching Library Instruction and Guides to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Netscape.
   UC Berkeley: What is the Internet, the WWW, and Netscape? Introduction. Definitions
UCLA College Library: Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
Widener U: Evaluating Web Resources (PowerPoint)
   Widener U: Modular Web Teaching Pyramid
D. Scott Brandt: undernet
U Albany: Internet Tutorials

Library Catalogues

Bowling Green: FALCON - An Interactive Web Tutorial
Bucknell U: Bertrand Library WWW Catalog Tutorial

Lists of Links

Rita Barsun: Interactive Tutorials: Bibliography/Webliography
ACRL: Reviews of Web Tutorials from CJCLS-BIC
Bowling Green: Library Tutorials on the Web
CSU Information Competence Project: IC Sites on the Web
LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction - Instruction Links

Specific Databases

Bucknell U: Bertrand Library ArticleFinder Tutorial
Micromedia: WebSPIRS
Shippensburg U: PsycINFO Tutorial
U Florida: PubMed Tutorial
York U: Finding Articles Online (WebSPIRS)
Walden U: PsycLIT
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